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Our great selection of books and souvenirs from Lightning Ridge

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Item #B1

Item # B1

Lightning Ridge A Timeless Land - by Gan Bruce

This is the biggest (416 glossy pages) and most colorful book, both in photography and content, written about any of the Opal Fields of the world.

This particularly controversial local author was born in Lightning Ridge and he still lives here. Gan was famous in these parts as President of the Miner's Association, as well as a Walgett Shire Councilor, especially when he decided that Walgett Shire was not worthy of us and set steps in motion to seceded from Walgett Shire. Public meetings were held, arguments raged for years, and throughout all this, Gan wrote this stunning tome about the town and the people.

A Non-Fiction book that generated more controversy than any other book sine the Karma Sutra. Court cases were threatened, death threats were shouted, but Gan defiantly stood his ground.

Gan Bruce did not discriminate whom he targeted with his sharp pen, naming Shire councilors, State politicians and anybody whom Gan thought deserved a flogging.

Compiled in the 416 pages of his book is the most interesting and informative read, describing the largely unheard-of happenings that took place in one of the last frontiers of Australia.

Gan decided to write the history 'as she was' and not the glossy half truths generally proposed by people who were not here to see it all happen. Each page shows not only his sharp wit, his desire to show the harsh reality of life on the opal fields, but also contains beautifully detailed photos of the town, the people and the opals found in it.

The greatest read about Lightning Ridge, a must-have book that will engage you to the last page.

We seems to be the only people who have any copies of this incredible book available.

A collector's item.

AUD: $150



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Item #B2

Item # B2

Rediscover Opals in Australia - Stephen Aracic

Stephen Aracic has 30+ years mining experience throughout Australia and all Opal Fields. A great collection of mining and prospecting methods, covering most Opal mining towns 'and some damn good stories'. A must have for any serious or casual miner - even the armchair variety!

Learn how to use surface indications and other prospecting methods to effectively find and mine for opal in the major fields of Australia.

Covering stories, information and beautiful pictures from places such as Lighting Ridge, White Cliffs, Coober Pedy, Andamooka, Mintabie, Lambina and the Queensland opal fields.

AUD: $45


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Item #B3

Item # B3

Lightning Ridge Opal (Blood of the Gods) - Budd Severs

In the early 1900s, opal sellers Emily and Seth succumb to the lure of a new opal field, Lightning Ridge, the only source of the world's most beautiful gem - Black opal. They find it is as elusive and dangerous to mine as it alluring.

Believing he has killed his father, Seth flees into the horror of trench warfare in France. Even if he survives the conflict, can he overcome the aftermath trauma? Will his beloved Emily be his salvation?

And more menacing than the other hazards, two merciless killers stalk the pages, ensuring a bloody denouement.

After working as a reporter on a Sydney newspaper, the author, in 1965, traveled to the central Australian opal field of Andamooka to research his first book, scales of the Rainbow Serpent. He succumbed to the dreaded opal fever so rife on the fields and sank into opalholicism. He commenced mining and found a modest amount of opal. Since then he has worked as a miner, cutter and opal trader, spending much of his time dealing in the U.S.

AUD: $19.95


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Item #B4

Item # B4

Beautiful Yowah Opal - Len Cram

Learn all about the beautiful opal fields in Queensland, Australia. With detailed pictures and descriptions of Boulder Opal and the various other opal found at the fields of Koroit and Yowah.

AUD: $10


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Item #B5

Item # B5

Lightning Ridge Souvenir Book - Len Cram

A 16 page book filled with amazing photos of Lightning Ridge, opal and the opal fields that are located there. A perfect gift or keepsake.

AUD: $2


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Item #B6

Item # B6

The Wonders Of Fossicking & Exploring the Australian Opal Fields - Len Cram

With beautifully detailed photos by Len Cram, this book covers major opal fields in Australia.

AUD: $9.95


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Item #B7

Item # B7

The Year Of The Eagle - Grahame McMahon

Richard Legend lives on a drought-stricken sheep station near the tiny village of Mountain Well in outback Australia. His friend, Billy Fegredo lives in a cave after running away from home. The boys face danger when they travel to the black opal mining town of Lightning Ridge to stay with Billy's father. There they meet three aboriginal boys and together they become caught up in a web of fear and danger as they confront opal thieves. Billy is kidnapped and in a gripping race against time his friends set out to rescue him.

This is a story of tragedy and danger, challenge and fear. It touches on family relationships, near death experience, organ donation, opal mining and friendship, all played out on the stage of the great Australian outback.

AUD: $29

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Item #B8

Item # B8

What am I good at? - Joanne Hackett

Illustrations by John Murray

A delightful children's book about a young Emu finding his place in the world. Kids will love to read these books and cherish the detailed Illustrations by world renown artist John Murray.

AUD: $19.95


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Item #B9

Item # B9

Black Opal, a comprehensive guide - Greg Pardey

Limited Edition - Collectors item

The most detailed and useful book about Black Opal! All 204 Pages are filled with information on cutting, orientating and evaluating Black Opal.

A must own book for any Opal Enthusiast.

AUD: $70


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Item #B10

Item # B10

Home of the Black Opal - Clare R Cuming

Amazing drawings of the sights of Lightning Ridge. Each picture is a replication of hand drawn illustrations that show the beauty of the Ridge. A definite keepsake.

AUD: $10


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Item #B11

Item # B11

Jargodin "The Moonlighter" - Jim Ranie

This 'Great Australian Novel' was written by a friend of ours. At the time of writing the author, Jim Ranie lived under a truck tarpaulin on the opal fields of Mintabie, together with his companions, namely a couple of Doberman dogs called Taj and Mahal.

Things were so tough that some days Jim had to make do with a tin of spaghetti Bolonaise which he divided into three parts: one third for himself, a third for Taj and a third for Mahal.

Jim had no electricity, no computer, no spell checker, no help, so he typed the book on a very old portable typewriter, letter by painstaking letter. Naturally, he could not find anybody to publish the book for him, so he finally decided to self-publish the book sinking every last penny he had into the project.

This book has been so incredibly popular that only a few copies are available, anywhere. and now Jim has sold the film rights to the book.

AUD: $12


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Item #B12

Item # B12

Black Opal Fossils of Lightning Ridge - Elizabeth Smith

Foreword by Tim Flannery

This book is the first in-depth account of these black opal fossils, natural treasures of critical scientific value. It also shows how opals are formed in such manner and provides Detailed and Beautiful pictures on each page.

AUD: $45