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Our finest selection of Tanzanite from Tanzania

Image of item T1a of Tanzanite from the online shop

Item #T1a

Item # T1

Deep purple, blue TANZANITE.

"Midnight Romance"

23.83 x 17.51 x 13.23 mm, 45.08 ct Powerful, large stone from the depth of Block D, Mererani, Tanzania.

This stone was mined by the Black African miners about 20 years ago and we brought it back from there after having purchased the stone from the famous 'Mama KiKi' at Mererani.

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Item #T1c

The amethyst tinge of colour is visible against the backdrop of my hand as a reflection.

The deep color of this precious stone makes it so sought after and treasured.

I have seen stones of this sheer size and quality sold on USA TV Shopping channels as 'collector's items for $1100 US per carat. This is a 45.08 carat stone, making it US $49,588.

Due to the above described circumstances we are in a position to part with this stone, if necessary, for less.

Our reluctant price AUD $22,000